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Information AboutMuOnlineServer.com SEASON 13

MuOnlineServer.Com is brining new MAX style server for easy leveling fans!

Experience: x9999 | Drop: 60%
Master exp: x9999
Max stats: 65535
Max Level: 400
Max Master Level: 520
Reset: 400lvl stats stays
Grand reset: 70 resets, Reward: 1000 Credits 
Max grand resets: unlimited;
Reset reward: 8 credits 
Points per level: DW, DK, ELF, SUM: 5, MG, DL, RF, GL: 7
Grow Lancer / Rage Fighter / Summoner create: from 1 level; 
Guild Create from: 350 level;
Vote Reward System: 10 credits per vote;

Arena is enabled: VIP Only

About VIP:

Experience: x99999;
Drop: 80%;
Grand reset bonus: +200 credits;
Arena with HIGH and LOW monster spots + Extra Kundun spots (All spots click here)
Bonus Credits For Donation: 5%
Shop Discount: 10%
Wings combinate: success % x2 (server-side)


Lorencia PVP Ring event every 10min respawns Curved Santas.

By Killing them you got 15% chance to get Box of Kundun 1-5.


Invite friends and get your refferal reward (1000 credits) when your friend will get 1 GR 

More info click here

Advanced Information:
Ruud: Pumpkin, Pounch of blessing, bossess, bc, ds, mastery boxes gives RUUD Points!
MuBOT: Free
Jewel succes rate: Soul: 100%, Life 100%, Harnony 90%
Chaos machine: +10: 100%, +11: 90%, +12: 80%, +13: 75%, +14: 70%, +15: 60%
+Luck adds +25%
Duel damage: 60%
Gens damage: 60%
CC damage: 50%
/post command: 1reset 50k zen
/pkclear in game: 100kk
Elf buff: till 220LVL

Party bonuss: More exp for SET parties (Silver/Gold)

What is new in SEASON13?
Season 13 features:
New Map Ferea, Darkangel Mastery Set, Bloodangel Weapon, Upgraded Divine Archangel Weapon, New Character information Window, New Skills, Elemental System Update, New Socket Items, Socket System Expansion, New&Upgraded Pentagrams, Hunting Log, New Mini-Game, Nixies Lake, Holyangel Mastery Set, Darkangel Weapons, Maze of Dimensions, Class Improvement. 

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